The mental and physical health benefits of companionship are undeniable. According to Companions for Seniors, seniors that have support from care services report 25% fewer doctor visits a year. Having companionship can greatly enhance mood, reduce stress, and sufficiently lower the risk of incidents because a caregiver is there to offer round the clock support. We all want to feel a calming sense of belonging where our wants and needs are continuously considered; this desire only increases with time. In this article we will be expanding on additional reasons for companion care and how your loved one can benefit from utilizing this service. 

What exactly is companion care? 

The easiest definition of companion care is non-medical assistance with essential daily tasks. This service substantially helps your family shoulder the responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. These tasks commonly include running errands, transporting the senior to appointments, meal prep, household cleaning, and above all else instilling a sense of emotional support. 

Care Tailored to Their Needs

Just like each individual is different, each care plan can be unique to fit their lifestyle, needs, and wishes. At Alpha Senior Care we take the time to structure a care plan that encompasses all physical and emotional needs. Each care plan features effective interactions that our seniors are enriched by, like jigsaw puzzles, card games, being read to, listening to music, and more! We instill a feeling of comradery that tremendously benefits our seniors and gives us another reason to love what we do!

Personalized care plans begin with evaluating the current status of the senior, from there you can help decide if a caregiver is needed every day, once a week, or a couple of times a month. The care plan can adapt to keep up with any changing needs of the individual. Whether it is as basic as checking their mail and bringing them to appointments, or more in-depth daily visits there is a caregiver for your loved one! They are truly friends that will listen, respect, and support. Even though these seniors have someone there helping them with routine tasks, this service truly assists them in feeling a greater sense of independence and a sense of belonging to a community.

Combat Feelings of Isolation

It’s been scientifically proven that even the simplest forms of companion care such as talking or laughing stimulate the mind and boost overall health. We want to be there for our loved ones to provide emotional and physical support, though many families are unable to full-time due to various circumstances; this takes a toll not only on the senior but the family member as well. It certainly boosts peace of mind and alleviates stress knowing your loved one is not only being looked after, but also cared for by a dedicated, reliable professional. Many senior citizens, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, report feelings of isolation which can be reduced by having companion care. The caregiver is able to prepare meals, assist in daily household tasks, and most importantly lend an ear. Simply by being there they can keep your loved one feeling valued, supported, safe, and comfortable.

Encouragement and Support

This service can be provided in the senior’s home, at a senior community center, or at treatment centers if needed. Companion care is frequently used for seniors recovering from surgery or recently released from the hospital, though this can be utilized at any time. Caregivers work diligently with recovering individuals to give them words of encouragement that help enhance their recovery timeframe. Caregivers can make sure seniors remain active with enriched lifestyles, no matter where they are which improves their overall outlook. 

Companion Care – Get Started!

When you contact Alpha Senior Home Care, we will schedule a free consultation with you and your loved one to see what your needs are. Based on this we can create a senior companion care plan and schedule that is tailored to your loved one’s unique care needs and preferences. Once we’ve developed your loved one’s care plan, we will match them with a companion caregiver and you’re all set!

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