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Providing Companion Care Services On Long Island, NY

Providing companion care in Long Island, NY by Alpha Senior Home Care

Companion care is a type of home care service for elderly or disabled adults that provides essential assistance for day to day living. With our companion care on Long Island, seniors will be able to live safely and comfortably at home while still getting the help they need. This type of home care involves a variety of basic tasks and activities that seniors find difficult to do on their own. This helps seniors keep their independence while aging.

A Companion Care caregiver will perform errands on behalf of a client, such as shopping or picking up medications. Caregivers may also plan and prepare meals, perform light housekeeping, and medication reminders. In addition, companion care is also designed to improve the quality of life for seniors so caregivers may participate in various hobbies and activities with the client.

This kind of care can be vital for socially isolated seniors. Since social isolation has shown to increase the risk of health complications and mortality companion caregiving is a very valuable service.

Alpha Senior Home Care in Amityville, NY provides high quality companion care services on Long Island, NY. ASHC has over 30+ years providing essential assistance to seniors throughout Nassau and Suffolk County.

Benefits Of Companion Care For Seniors

There are many benefits to companion care that go beyond the care taking needs. Some of these benefits include:

    • Prevents Loneliness- Throughout our lifetimes family and friends tend to move away and get busy with their own lives. This results in many seniors living in isolation, which can be detrimental to their health. Companion care gives seniors the chance to have somebody to talk to who can actually listen to them and hear what their problems are. Whether it is deep personal conversations or just simply playing a board game our caregivers will provide the attention and care they require.
  • Get In Touch With The Outside World- As mentioned earlier seniors often live in isolation and lose contact with much of the world outside. Our caregivers will assist in providing transportation and accompanying your loved one while visiting old friends, going to social events, their place of worship and anything else they may want to do.
  • Relieve Other Caregivers- If there is already a primary caregiver for your loved one or if you are that primary caregiver, having an extra pair of helping hands can give you a lot of relief. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from burnout and gives you time to do other activities.
    • Safety- There are many cases of seniors falling every year and this can be devastating at such an old age. When there is a companion caregiver around they can assist in making sure your loved one is able to get around safely. In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur they will be there to get help right away. 
  • Preventive Care- Companion care givers can play a significant role in ensuring your loved one ages in a healthy way. Inactivity and malnutrition can cause many health issues, our caregivers can assist in meal planning and preparation as well as going on walks or other exercises to stay active.
  • Peace Of Mind For Family Members- As much as you want to always be there for your loved one it just isn’t possible all of the time. There are other responsibilities that take up our time. When you have a caregiver providing quality care for the senior in your life you can have a sense of peace and fully focus on the other things you need to take care of. 

Companion Caregiving vs. Personal Caregiving

When choosing companion care services on Long Island, NY for your loved one, you may need to choose between companion care and personal care. Because of this, it’s helpful to know the difference between the two services.

It’s important to know the difference between companion caregiving and personal caregiving when deciding what is right for your loved one.

With companion care, duties typically include doing laundry, making meals, assisting with errands and providing company. However, this does not include physical assistance with dressing, bathing, or toileting. That’s where personal care comes in.

Personal care covers the basic care duties of companion caregiving, while also providing further assistance. This includes dressing, bathing, toileting and non-medical assistance for chronic health conditions, like diabetes or Parkinson’s.

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When you contact Alpha Senior Home Care, we will schedule a free consultation with you and your loved one to see what your needs are. Based on this we can create a senior companion care plan and schedule that is tailored to your loved one’s unique care needs and preferences. Once we’ve developed your loved one’s care plan, we will match them with a companion caregiver and you’re all set!

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